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For In the City of Seven Walls
This is a cover for auburnnothenna's In the City of Seven Walls.

ETA: Look what summertea did! She drew gorgeous fanart for In the City of Seven Walls. I'm so thrilled that she said my cover was also inspiring. Go look at it here.

I already sent you a gushing, thrilled email. But I want it out in public too. I love this to an extent that is probably worrying. Everything is so right in this, I lose my breath looking at it.

Thank you again.

Thank you. I also already sent you an email that poorly describing my delight. I am so happy and grateful that you love this, the words cannot express my sheer joy.

That? Is absolutely amazing. Your best work so far. ♥

Thank you! That's very sweet of you to say that. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much, your comments always makes me happy. You're a darling! ♥

That is just astonishingly beautiful. You are so talented.

I'm thrilled that you liked it, thank you very much! *blushing at the compliment*

This is so well done. John looks like he is in pain. How you managed to get that across without the advantage of facial expression is amazing. :)

Thank you, that's very nice of you to say. I think the posture tells it, which I just borrowed from the story.

Oh wow. This is amazing! The art itself (and John's body!) is very beautiful. At the same time, the posture, John curling in on himself, conveys the incredible sense of shame present in the story.

*is in awe*

Thank you so much. I'm glad that this was able to convey something that you related to the story.

ohh I really like this! The colors, the pose, the foreshortening, and the hair are all very good! :D

I'm glad that you liked this, thank you very much! :)

This is scarily great. I love how with his protruding bones and and red background, his hidden face, you de-sensualized John's nudity and made it broken, cruel.


Thank you. I'm thrilled to hear your thoughts on this and even more thrilled that it impressed you.

I think I'm kinda scarily in love with this. Posture, perspective, perfect!

Thank you, I'm so glad that you liked this.

Oh wow.

This looks so, so real. OH JOHN.

(I kinda want to trace my finger down his spine)

Thank you! Spine is one of my very favorite parts of the human body, so I'm glad that it tempted you.

Gorgeous! You've totally captured Seven Walls with this.

I'm glad that you thought this reflected the story. Thank you!

This is just magnificent! Amazing job!


Oh, wow. And ow. In other words: Fits the story. ;)

Thank you, I'm glad that you thought this suited the story. :D

I just clicked here from a link on my f-page, and now I can't leave. Which I guess is the effect art is supposed to have?

Thank you. I wouldn't consider something I've done as anything resembling a real art, but it's very flattering to hear it nonetheless.