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SGA Manga Art Challenge Thing

tardis80 had this brilliant idea, and of course I thought it's awesome, so here we go:

Marvelous banner made by tardis80. Go tell her she rock.

The rules are very simple:

- Draw anything from the SGA universe in a manga/comic style. It can be canon or AU. You can imitate a specific artist or bring your own style. It can be a single drawing, epic comic, or even animation.
- Post your art in your own journal and then leave a link in the comments here or tardis80's post here.
- The deadline is Sunday, April 15, midnight [EST].
- Links to all the artworks will be compiled and listed in our journals on April 16.

Why a manga challenge you might ask? Because mangas are magical. And it gives us an excuse to draw John and Rodney with huge eyes and long eyelashes and roses blossoming in the background. Just think of all the AUs! It would be fun. Are you tempted? Just go for it. I know you want to. And don't forget to pimp! :D

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

The list: omg we already have list!
Ronon and John by severusslave
Librarian!John by summertea
RodneyRodney by tardis80
Her Favourite Part by severusslave
Kid!John and Miko by plsteward
Daybreak by andreanna
These Boots Were Made for... by miso_no_tsuki
Stroppy McKay by bellewhan
Walk Like An Egyptian by steammmpunk
Tags: challenge, sga
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