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For Murderous, Co-dependent
So, um. It's kitten!John and kitten!Sherlock. ...I don't even know. Blame [personal profile] rageprufrock's gay Sherlock cat awesome story Murderous, Co-dependent.

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Sherlock!cat is perfect. Those ears. Love the perspective, too.

Yay, I'm thrilled that you thought so! Thank you! <33

OH man! This is just perfect (puuurfect... ha! yeah, ok.) LOVE it.

HEE. I'm so glad that you liked, thank you!

Very nice. Complements the story.

I love how Cat!Sherlock just glares at you for even looking at Cat!John

Now my murderous co-dependent gay cats will only show up when they are called John and Sherlock...
(and when did they run out to pose for you,anyway?!)

:D :X
Jenn, Whose girl kitten Sabrina is now horribly jeloous! And insisting on being called Clara...

Hahaha, that sounds terribly adorable! And you know, that's between me and the cats. :D

Thank you!

Oh my. That is amazing and perfect! I loved that story, and I love this illustration. :D

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed.

All kind of adorable.

Sherlock!cat just screams: don't mess with me or MY John. *ggg*

I know! *g* Thank you so much!!

I love Sherlock's little possessive paw. ♥

omg. This is just awesome. Love it. :D

Yay thank you so much!! \o/

Hahahaha, look familiar?

Sherlock and John kitten version! =D
you have the pair with u! =)
great pic

Hahahaha they are perfect!! :)

oh mY GOD! lovely!! *_*

YAY Thank you so much!! :D

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