December 22nd, 2007

Kiss you now now now

\o/ Times Infinite

WHEEEEEEEEE! I've got a wonderful postcard featuring Fatman and Ronon from tardis80! It's so unbelievably awesome I'm totally over the moon. Thank you tardis80, I can't even tell you how much it brightened up my day! ♥ *twirls you around and around* And you should absolutely post your scan, so everyone can admire and be envious of me. *preens*

One real sad thing though - there's this really cool and sweet drawing of steampunk themed John and Rodney on the back of the postcard, but to my abject horror, someone, presumably who works in the post office, had put a postage stamp exactly on their little faces. I... I'm still horrified. How, how could they do that? What's wrong with them?! *weeps* So uh, yeah, tardis80, I truly hope you have a scan of that too. :(