August 19th, 2007

Are we there yet

Planet of the Pentapuses

1. I've been on and off the fandom lately - life's being a very demanding mistress and whatnot - but finally I have something to post. It's all about pentapuses, because it's for pentapus. :D I distantly remember warning her about this gazillion days ago, and, uh, I hope you'd like it, pentapus!

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ETA: Now with lovely icons by monanotlisa in comments!
(Please credit me for original art and monanotlisa for icon making if you take.)

2. Um. Wow. I got nominated at the Stargate Fan Awards. I feel stunned. And extremely honored and thankful that someone liked my art enough to nominate. Thank you so, so much!

Also, in a delusional state created by the said mistress, I claimed 4 prompts over at anotheratlantis and choc_fic, so hopefully more to come shortly.