April 16th, 2007

DH suit arms

SGA Manga Art Challenge Thing Is Over

It's a bit late (I didn't forget, internet was being difficult and even my electricity was out for a while due to the snowstorm), but SGA Manga Art Challenge Thing is over. Below is the list so far, to the best of my knowledge. If you didn't see them already, go look at the awesome arts, and thanks to all of you for playing!

The list

Ronon and John by severusslave
Librarian!John by summertea
RodneyRodney by tardis80
Her Favourite Part by severusslave
Kid!John and Miko by plsteward
Daybreak by andreanna
These Boots Were Made for... by miso_no_tsuki
Stroppy McKay by bellewhan
Walk Like An Egyptian by steammmpunk
My Gay Uncles by terribilita

Oh, and if you didn't make it to the deadline but will post at the foreseeable future, I'll be sneaky and will totally, sekritly add it to the list. Because I can.