March 9th, 2007

Pretty please?

Two Things

1. Blink!Rec

It is kind of late, but I've gotta rec this. It's very possible that I might be a little in love with this picture.
John and Rodney kissing by stereowire.

The art is based on runpunkrun's wonderful ongoing pornlets, under the tag that particular month at her journal.

What can I say, these are awesome.

2. Pimping! and help me?

There's a shiny new International Fuzzy Bathrobe Day Challenge at 3daychallenge. Go check it out!

Speaking of which, since the challenge is now expanded to any kind of creative work in general, I'm tempted to draw something. Possibly chibis. I just can't get my head around it other than well, BATHROBE=LOVE! obviously. So um, I'd be grateful if anyone would kindly give me any ideas/suggestions. Help me out, please? Done. :D