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And She Lives
Smiling Rodney
Hi! Remember me? *g* I haven't posted anything in a long while due to personal matters, but things are started to look better, so hopefully I could be back in the fannish land soon.

Meanwhile, I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me for the McShep Awards. I had to remove some of the pieces because of the 2 per category rule and I also removed the ones nominated in last year. But thank you very, very much. I terribly miss you guys. *hugs*

Ingredients of Happiness
The Physics of Flying
Planet of the Pentapuses
Sex Pollen?
Another Mission Gone Wrong

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Congratulations *g* - and I'm happy to hear things are starting to improve for you!

Hi! Hi! Glad you're okay and welcome back.

(Deleted comment)
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