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Planet of the Pentapuses

1. I've been on and off the fandom lately - life's being a very demanding mistress and whatnot - but finally I have something to post. It's all about pentapuses, because it's for pentapus. :D I distantly remember warning her about this gazillion days ago, and, uh, I hope you'd like it, pentapus!

"And why exactly, are we the only ones wearing this stupid thing, Colonel?"

"Chill out, McKay. Look at Ronon's hair (it's five). I think we're on the better end."

"And Teyla?"


"They are the most honorable and beautiful creatures, Dr. McKay."

"God, this is so typical. And you're so not wearing that hood because you're afraid of ruining your hair, Sheppard!"

"Am not."

"Are so."

"I'm not --"

"Can I eat them, Sheppard?"

"No, Ronon, you cannot."

ETA: Now with lovely icons by monanotlisa in comments!
(Please credit me for original art and monanotlisa for icon making if you take.)

2. Um. Wow. I got nominated at the Stargate Fan Awards. I feel stunned. And extremely honored and thankful that someone liked my art enough to nominate. Thank you so, so much!

Also, in a delusional state created by the said mistress, I claimed 4 prompts over at anotheratlantis and choc_fic, so hopefully more to come shortly.
Tags: fanart, sga, team
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