For Murderous, Co-dependent
So, um. It's kitten!John and kitten!Sherlock. ...I don't even know. Blame [personal profile] rageprufrock's gay Sherlock cat awesome story Murderous, Co-dependent.

ETA: Art for Trek Reverse Bang
As a part of trekreversebang - single piece for two awesome stories by two amazing authors (it is incredulously flattering to be picked by two)

The Brainchildren of Verdantia by verizonhorizon
Standing Still (Life's Like That) by arctic_dragon

The One with the Giant RobotCollapse )

And don't forget to tune in for more awesomeness at trekreversebang!

Guess I am officially fandomless now, dabbling into here and there. *g*

Kiss you now now now
Yay snowflake cookies! Thank yous to devildoll, frantic_allonsy, geeklite, laceymcbain, lavvyan, leyna55, not_sally, and summertea for the adorable virtual snowflakes. It absolutely made my day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE. ♥♥♥

Let's Just Walk For A While
Hold my hand
It's been a long while, but this one is for runpunkrun, who wanted McKay/Sheppard night? or, on a date? from the five requests. They are... on a date, I think. *g* Hope You'd like it!

And I promise I'll be a good one and finish the others soon.

and you can hold my hand tooCollapse )

Cliché Bingo!
valley Beaking Bad
I have requests to finish before I can play with this, but I could not resist signing up for cliche_bingo. Clichés! So excited yet a bit terrified. *g*

My bingo cardCollapse )

I'm [info]steammmpunk on Dreamwidth. I haven't fully decided what to do about it yet, but for now I'm crossposting. (I had an openID account there too, but I deleted it since I'm not planning to use it. Sorry for any confusion it may have caused.)

ETA: I undeleted my openID. I am still not planning on using it, but as pointed out by a very helpful comment I realized things I wasn't aware of. Like, I had no idea that one cannot remove deleted openID from their circle. Sorry about that. And thanks again, helpful passerby! :)

We Are Floating in Space
Arthur/Merlin yellow
I took five requests recently, and this one is for goss, who wanted Merlin/Arthur! AU! Space Cowboys! It is also my first ever Merlin art to be posted, so I guess it's suffice to say I'm kind of nervous. Um. Hope you like it!

Ladies and GentlemenCollapse )

Hello my dearest,
Now that was some long hiatus. *g* To get my fannish groove back on, I'll take requests from the first five people who comment. Please provide character(s)/pairing and a prompt of some kind. SGA/Merlin/SPN, and nothing over PG-13, please.

ETA: All filled. Thank you! ♥

And She Lives
Smiling Rodney
Hi! Remember me? *g* I haven't posted anything in a long while due to personal matters, but things are started to look better, so hopefully I could be back in the fannish land soon.

Meanwhile, I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me for the McShep Awards. I had to remove some of the pieces because of the 2 per category rule and I also removed the ones nominated in last year. But thank you very, very much. I terribly miss you guys. *hugs*

And because I want to remember, the ones that didn't make the cutCollapse )

It's a Strange World
Rodney in suits
For paintedspires prompt steammmmmmmmpunk AU.

It's a Strange WorldCollapse )

Uh. Be back soon. *passes out*


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